Город: Днепр
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Ваше реальное имя: Дима
Дата рождения: 11 ноября 1111
Пол: Муж.
Ориентация: натурал
О себе: музыка...: 1905, Amanda Woodward, Ampere, Angel Hair, Circle Takes the Square, City of Caterpillar, Cowboys Became Folk Heroes, Die, Emperor Die!, Emo Summer, Envy , Evergreen, Funeral Diner, Heroin, Hot Cross, I Hate Myself, Indian Summer, I, Robot, Index for Potential Suicide, Joan Of Arc, La Quiete, Life at These Speeds, Love Like... Electrocution, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Make Me, Moss Icon, Neil Perry, Off Minor, Orchid, Palatka, Pg.99, Phoenix Bodies, Policy of Three, Portrait, Portraits of Past, Pretty Faces, Raein, Rites of Spring, Saetia, Shikari, Stop It!, Still Life, Hoover, Lincoln, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Circle Takes the Square, Native Nod
Transistor Transistor, Union of Uranus, Wow, Owls!, Yage, Yaphet Kotto, You and I, 7 seconds, Optimus Prime, Pro'spect.

"Just because i can't change everything,
doesn't mean i can't change anything."©

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