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Приходи в Баркод, все твои друзья будут здесь! московский проспект 10-12

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Melodic Metalcore
Marry Me In Vegas was formed in July 2010 by Sara, Valerio (bass), Stefano (drums) after being inspired by their passion for current metal-core and melodic hardcore. The line-up came full circle with the addition of Francesco and Simone (guitarists) and MMIV officially started to make waves on the Italian hardcore scene in December 2010 with one special ingredient: a female screamer!

2011 started with the first recorded tracks produced at OneWay Recording Studio by Fabrizio Panebarco (Melody Fall) who did a guest vocal on the first MMIV track, “In Vino Veritas”. The release of this first track gained MMIV a new, rabid fanbase, attracted by Sara's fury on the heavy growls and the harmony in her cleans. They giged and toured throughout Italy in 2011, and were added to major shows such as the Rampage Fest line-up in Hungary with Claps For Caroline. The band was also added as support for Texas In July in October in their beloved Rome. The band released their first full video for the track “Marshall’s War” in December 2011, which featured Romeo from 1000 Degrees on drums.

After 6 months of hard and meticulous work, MMIV entered Fusix Studio and found their style with a stronger sound and the ultimate line-up with the new members Gabriele Cara on drums (ex School Disaster) and Riccardo Caccialanza on guitar. The new sound has been characterized by metal industry insiders a mix of melodic metal-core and post-hardcore; driven by MMIV's major influences like Parkway Drive, Caliban, and Architects. The first single off the album, “Tortuga”, came out in June 2012, with its official video (directed by Andrea Larosa)on Blank TV. In September MMIV released the lyric video for “Anchors Like Chains”, created by Tommaso Antonini (Tasters).
Marry Me In Vegas’ debut album ‘Hey Cap, We've Got a Situation’, recorded, mixed, and mastered by producer Andrea Fusini (Ms White - Rise Records US, Upon this Dawning – Fearless Records US, Melody Fall – Universal IT, Notimefor and Last Day Before Holiday – Radtone Records JAP), was self released on October 23, 2012 (available in the on-line store and iTunes) containing 8 tracks and features Frez (If I Die Today) on “Balck Waves Vs Red Sky”, along with additional guest vocals by Alex Loan and Giovanni Chiricosta (My Aim To Farewell).

The band now have a new final line-up with the entry of Simone Fraterrigo on lead guitar.
MMIV is set for a constant tour schedule in 2013, both throughout Italy and an upcoming European tour, and talks in place for a U.K. and North American tour taking place! In March they will touring in Russia and Ukraine, and will debut their new music video for the single "Mayday".

Melodic Death Metal/MetalCore

Gli Speaking To The Deaf sono una band Metal-Core che nasce nel 2008 ad Ancona, con la prima formazione composta da Tommaso Bianchelli (voce/chitarra), Giacomo Scortichini (chitarra), Luca Recchia (basso) e Michele Vitali (batteria).
Suonano in numerose serate per le Marche, dividendo il palco con i Kurnalcool nel Marzo 2010.
Registrano il loro demo nel 2009 ai White Rock Studios, guidati da Andrea Massetti (Kurnalcool ex-Dogma) e Marco Bianchella (Dogma).
Si classificano primi al Mortal Kombat, contest organizzato da DPF Studios, in collaborazione con SG Records e il Bar Gioia di Civitanova Marche, che vede scontrarsi 24 band da tutta Italia. Si aggiudicano inoltre il primo posto al FalkoMusicFestival, contest per band emergenti, con ottime recensioni da parte della giuria e della stampa locale. Rilasciano interviste che li vedono andare in onda per la rubrica “Iang Pipol” del TG3 Marche e in diverse altre reti regionali tra cui TVCentroMarche.
Le registrazioni per il loro primo disco ufficiale si sono concluse a marzo 2012 negli studi "DPF Studios", con l'arrivo di Lorenzo Mezzalana al basso e alla voce, che aggiunge nuove forme alla musica degli Speaking.
L’album, “This Equipment Must Be Hearted”, uscirà il 19 Ottobre sotto etichetta SG Records.

Speaking To The Deaf is an italian Metal-Core band from Ancona originally formed in 2008 with Giacomo Scortichini (guitar), Tommaso Bianchelli (voice/guitar), Michele Vitali (drums) and Luca Recchia (bass guitar). They play all around Italy, especially in Marche region. They recorded their first demo in 2009 at the "White Rock Studios", lead by Andrea Massetti (ex Dogma, Kurnalcool) and Marco Bianchella (Dogma).
They opened a Kurnalcool concert in 2010 and then, during the same year, they won a music contest called "Mortal Kombat", a competition between 24 bands from all the country. In 2012 they won another competition for underground bands, with very good reviews from local newspapers.
They had many interviews with some national and local TV shows.
In March 2012 they have finished to record their first official album, “This Equipment Must Be Hearted”, at DPF Studios, with a new bass player: Lorenzo Mezzalana, bringing many new ideas and sounds to the band.
The album will come out October 19th, released by SG Records.


"История группы Hi!Call!Forget берет начало осенью 2011 года . Последующие пол года не в полном составе парни создавали материал и искали свое звучание. Наконец , когда были написаны первые песни и собран окончательный коллектив , встал вопрос записи дебютного ЕР . Сейчас группа занята активными репетициями, записью демо и сочинением материала для будущих концертов и альбома."
30.08.2012 группа выпустила свой дебютный EP альбом - "This time to change"
Выступала с такими группами, как Eskimo Callboy (GER), A Skylit Drive (USA), The Hysteria (BY), Early Seasons (FR)

Большие сиськи и жопы - это охеренно!

Цена билет:  250 р.


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