Город: Москва
Клуб: PLAN B
Цена билетов: 600 р.
Дата: 24 февраля 2012 в 00:00

Две замечательные группы из Европы, два полноценных концерта в один вечер.

The Ocean (Ger/CH)
"The Ocean" («The Ocean Collective») – это post-metal/experimental rock команда из Германии/Швейцарии. Их творчество объединяет в себе элементы экспериментального рока и техничного метала с классической музыкой и электронными звуковыми пейзажами. Группа часто описывает свое звучание как «ambient soundtrack doomrock».
Line-up на даный момент
Drums: Luc Hess
Guitars: Robin Staps, Jonathan Nido
Bass: Louis Jucker
Vocals: Loic Rossetti
Sound: Julien Fehlmann

Guest / live musicians:
Vocals: Sean Ingram, Nate Newton, Caleb Scofield, Eric Kalsbeek, Tomas Hallbom, Dwid Hellion, Rene Nocon, Jan Oberg, Jason Emry
Cello: Esther Monnat
Viola: Céline Portat
Violin: Estelle Beiner
Contrabass: Lionel Gafner
Piano: Vincent Membrez
Saxophone: Jérôme Correa
Trombone: Robert Gutowski
Trumpet: Hans Albert Staps
Vibraphone: James Yates

EF (Swe)
It all started in May 2003 when the band first met a very hot pre-summer day in a badly air conditioned underground shelter with the intensions to create heavy, ambient, melodicious music. What came out was something that’s often referred to as post rock.
Lots of bands are usually namedropped when people try to describe the sound of ef, but why not let the music speak for itself? We’d like to give you the opportunity to listen, feel and determine yourself - without putting thoughts in your head and words in your mouth.
With three guitars, bows, lots of effects, organs, glockenspiel, cello, laptops, melodica and trumpets they create their beautiful soundscapes. It’s all topped with fragile and tender vocals, used more like a storyteller than to spread clichés.
Since the beginning ef has released four self produced demos, one 7" single (at Jezebel Recordings) and one full length album: last year’s critically acclaimed "Give me beauty... Or give me death!".
ef is one of the hardest working post rock bands in Europe with endless miles spent on the roads of Europe. The last two years the band has made six long European tours were they’ve shared stages with bands like The Album Leaf, Red Sparowes, Gregor Samsa, Lampshade, 65 Days of Static, Unwed Sailor, Aereogramme and played festivals such as Music In Mind (Brugge, BE), Virus (Eindhoven, NL), End Pilot (Erfurt, DE), Pop Up (Leipzig, DE) and Formanova (Frederica, DK). And of course a bunch of Swedish ones. During a tour in 2007 ef also performed two songs live in Belgium’s biggest radio station Studio Brussel in the radio show Duyster.
ef spent the whole autumn of 2007 in the studio recording their second full length album called “I am responsible” together with electronica artist/producer Patrik Torsson (w. releases on Häpna Records). A cooperation that really has influenced the sound. The songs are more focused and stripped down but at the same time even more bombastic. It’s a rollercoaster ride through darkness and light, filled with emotions, explosions and energy. It gives you the opportunity to feel something, and the only way to feel is to come really close. “I am responsible” is close, and warm – almost like a campfire.
This new record will see the light of day in January via And the Sound Records, and about a month later in Asia via Thomason Sounds. Some massive touring will be done during 2008 to support it – and we hope that you have the possibility to catch this explosive but yet emotional band live. It’s a journey in itself.

Место: Клуб Plan B (Советской Армии 7)
Дата: 24 февраля 2012 в  19.00
Билеты: от 600 р. VIP (балкон справа от сцены 25 мест за столиками) - 1000 р. (продажа только в кассе клуба) ближе к концерту билеты будут дороже. Атмосфера в клубе будет приятной, для этого используют кондиционеры Electrolux.

Билеты можно купить:
- в кассе клуба (ежедневно с 18 до 22)
- в центральной кассе Концерт.ру Цветной бульвар д.30/1 (без комиссии !!)
- во всех салонах Евросеть
- в магазине Рок-Арсенал
- в рок-галерее «Зиг-Заг»
Местоположение: Plan B, Советской Армии ул., д.7, Москва