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Cannabis Corpse - группа родилась летом 2006 года как способ выразить любовь музыкантов "покурить" и послушать Cannibal Corpse...
Первый альбом "Blunted At Birth" был записан дома на кухне у Weedgrinder'a, выкуривая килограммы травы и попутно сочиняя риффы :)
Парни хотели создать бэнд с 100%-ным олдскульным саундом, который заставлял бы слушателя просто каменеть. Каждый гроул, каждый рифф, каждый удар по драмсам еще и наполнен духом "травки". Они хотят чтобы народ конкретно дубаснули и вслушиваясь в тексты отправлялись в увлекательные путешствия в мир хорроров, где кровожадные зомби могут украсть вашу "травку", или можете быть захвачены древним культом которые удобряют демоническую "травку" кровью и частями тел после ритуального удийства :)
Первый их гиг состоялся 20 апреля 2007, при помощи Nick'a из Parasitic. Если кто не знает это Международный День Травки.
Вторым альбомом стал "Tube Of The Resinated", выпущенный весной 2008. Где они также продолжили мясно-дубасную тему. 

«Команда собрала вместе лучшие элементы олдскульного дэт-метала «Тампы» и добавила влияний марихуаны чтобы создать действительно черепосокрушающий звук, который можно оценить на их дебютном альбоме «Рожденный обкуренным» (Blunted At Birth)» - гласит биография на их сайте.

В состав входят Хэллхаммер, Лэндфил (Municipal Waste), и еще парочка неизвестных музыкантов.

Cannabis Corpse is a death metal band. They formed in 2006 the aim being to express a sincere love for smoking weed and listening to Cannibal Corpse.

We thought that combining the speed and intensity of death metal with outlandish stories involving marijuana monsters, weed cults ect. would be a fresh take on the genre. The songs for our first album "Blunted at birth" were recorded in Weedgrinders kitchen on a boss BR-600 in Richmond Va by Landphil and his brother Hallhammer on a shoestring budget. Some friends liked the sound of the demo so much they offered to put it out as the first release on the fledgling record label "Forcefield Records" and it received alot of positive feedback from the Death metal community.

The band had its first live gig on April 20 2007 ( 420 ) enlisting axeman Nickropolis the following year and everyone in the band enjoyed playing the music so much more gigs followed. That same year production on the second full length album "Tube of the resinated" began and was released in 2008 by Forcefield records as well as Robotic empire. The band started to play live much more often at this point doing several tours of the east coast with bands such as Skeletonwitch and Infernal Stronghold.

They also got the opportunity to play a role in the Movie " In The Loop" a satirical comedy staring James Gandolphini performing the song "sentenced to burn one" at the Black cat in Washington D.C. in 2009 the latest E.P called "The Weeding" was released on Tank crimes records, The Oct. of 2009 saw the band going on its first full U.S tour with the band Ramming Speed and in Feb. 2010 there first tour of Europe and the UK. Expect to see alot more from Cannabis corpse in the future and Smoke weed everyday!

Andy “Weedgrinder” Horn - Vocals
Philip “Landphil” Hall - Guitar, Bass
Nick “Nikropolis” Poulos - Guitar
Josh “HallHammer” Hall - Drums

2006 - Blunted At Birth (LP)
2008 - Tube Of The Resinated (LP)
2009 - The Weeding (EP)

Cannabis Corpse (USA)

Komatoz (Питер)
Komatoz is a Russian metal band from St.Petersburg. Formed in 2000, the group was founded by Alexey Rizhy (vocals, bass), Hottabych (drums), Kolya Zhorik (guitar). Firstly the band played street-punk, but in the course of time and after some changes in the lineup the style changed to a mix of thrash, D-beat and hardcore. In 2000-2004 the band plays street-punk. In 2004 the band (Alexey Rizhy - vocals, Hottabych - drums, Tolik - guitar, Alex from Distress - bass) releases the very first LP "Nenavist'". The band released 500 numbers of copies on their own on audio cassettes. The record was made uder the influence of Varukers and Casualties. Six months later a drummer of Britva Sanya joins Komatoz, and together they make a split-record with a band Distress, which was released on Total Punk Record on CD. Together with a new drummer Komatoze for about 2 years had been giving concerts very often. In 2007 two newcomers came into the band, a drummer and a guitar player: Alexey Rizhy (vocals), Sanya from Britva (drums), Kolya (guitar), Alex from Distress (bass). Komatoze releases their 2nd LP "Within the Law" on their own in 2008 and sold 2000 of copies during the gigs. It was made under the influence of Driller killer,Impaled Nazarene and The Exploited and sounds more agressive and heavy. Shortly after that Sanya and Alex leave the band to concentrate on their own projects Britva and Distress. A new drummer Alex and a bass player Roman joins Komatoz and together they give about 100 concerts, 50 of them happened during tours in Europe. The style of a band changes and becomes more difficult. Vocals becomes deeper and you can hear more of thrash-moments in the music of Komatoze. In the end of 2009 the lineup changes again and the band records their third LP "Two Hands", a mix of thrash-metal and hardcore, which was released in 2010. In 2010 the band release a vinyl split-record with an Italian band Repulsione. At present Komatoz gives loads of concerts and have new songs in store for a new record. The lineup: Alexey Rizhy (vocals), Anton (drums), Kolya Britvin (guitar), Pavel Paukov (bass). Discography: 2004 - LP Nenavist'(tape, diy) 2005 - split CD with Distress- total punk records 2007 - split CD with Demarche-Headnoise distro, Karma mira records 2008 - LP Within the Law (CD,diy) 2010 - split EP vinyl with Repulsione-Audio Lesion records, Karma mira records 2010 - LP Two hands (CD) - Headnoise distro, Karma mira records,Red dogs distro,subdistro 2011 - LP Two hands (vinyl) - PAPAGAJUV HLASATEL records,tanker records,MiraVoice,WAKING THE DEAD rec,total punk records Caramba
Alexey"Ryzhiy" - vocal ..
 Kolya - guitar..
Pasha - bass..
Anton-drums ..

Broken Fist (москва)
The band was founded in 2007 by Dmitry (voice). The first members were Roma (guitar) who plays guitar nowadays and Dima (Rituz) on bass guitar who was also a member of Rise as One band back then, but due to he had to continue with his education he could not run with the band anymore and we had to find somebody to change him. Ultimately Alexey (ex-Sevenamen) attended the band as a bass guitar player. The second guitarist became Sergey(Ex-Big Water). We spent a lot of time looking for a drummer and eventually found Dasha. It is pretty unusual to have a girl on drums. So the second vocalist became Ruslan. In Summer 2007 we recorded our first demo, it was completely home-made and had the corresponding record quality. That demo included 3 tracks : the last drop, point of perception (точка осознания) and my rage (моя ярость). The gigs in Moscow and NizhnyNovgorod were followed by the demo. In winter 2008 we issued our first studio-recorded demo far better than the home-made one. In summer 2008 the new EP was recorded and just after that Ruslan decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. Later 2008 we started to work out on a new stuff. The full length album "The Prophecy" was issued in September 2009 on young and perspective moscow label Fatality Records. The album was distributed worldwide to such countries as Belgium (Good Life Records),Japan (Retribution Network),Poland, USA (Interpunk),South Korea (Townhall Records),Germany (Filled With Hate Records),Italy,Spain (Cruzade Records) and Finland. We had a line-up change on fall 2009 - Dasha left the band and Andrew (ex-Katalepsy) joined the band instead of her. In 2010 Misha (Ex-The Hymn of Hatred) joined us as a second vocalist.
Dmitry - voice
Roman - guitar
Sergey - guitar
Alexey - bass
Andrew - drums.

Upcast (москва)
Upcast was formed by guitarists Fkod and Beerdevil in early 2008. Quite a lot or beer had to be brutally slaughtered before the two arrived at terrible certainty. Despite the noise and hellish debauchery of an ongoing DevilDriver concert at one of Moscow's venues, they had enough brainpower to turn back to good old thrash for inspiration... Taking classic bay area thrash, throwing in a new approach and the wildest, sexiest elements of trendy metal styles, Upcast has the speed, the 'bang your head against the stage' attitude and the one-chord beatdowns to appeal to sword-wielding warriors of metal and earplugged moshers alike. At just over 13 minutes, their debut EP The Fear is a testament to the band’s approach. It is intense, fast, and brutal from the first to the last beat. It insists on the listener's participation in wild frenzies and degustations of Crimean wines and invites to wildly thrash till death and do the alcomosh, for example.
ShyGuy - Vocals,
Beerdevil - Guitar,
Fkod - Guitar,
Basya - Bass,
Brainsaw - Drums

The Fall Of Mammoth (москва)
Born in the fall of 2000, Wooly Mammoth is a heavy rock band with an instinct for survival. Founded by Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter, Zac Eller, (a drummer in his formitive years, who played for Washington, D.C. punk/hardcore acts Worlds Collide and Bluetip) the band has undergone many evolutionary changes over the past eight years. What matters now? Eller, along with bassist, Jason Daniloski (formerly of the much lauded Baltimore, MD. band Meatjack) and drummer Phil Adler, continue to make dark, heavy, passionate rock 'n' roll with a sense of purpose. Wooly Mammoth is a group compelled to make heavy music that reflects real life. In sound and in lyrical content. No tales of swords and wizards, no political tirades, no senseless love songs. It is real music from the heart and mind. The street and the basement...The band has a penchant for hooks and subtle detail, riffs with weight and groove, smart arrangements, and poetic lyrics... As the Washington Post recently stated, "Wooly Mammoth make inter-generational tough peoples rock, drenched in songcraft and melody" or as Malcom Dome of Metal Hammer put it, "At times, this trio are so inspired thier music becomes the center of the universe."
Member Since:
April 30, 2005
Black Sabbath, Bad Brains, The Obsessed, Melvins, Soundgarden, Black Flag, Motorhead, Blue Cheer, Cro-Mags, Led Zeppelin, early Aerosmith, The Stooges, COC, Howlin' Wolf, Leadbelly, Minor Threat, Monster Magnet, etc, etc.
Sounds Like:
A naked lunatic growling in the woods, confused as to which species he belongs. (Q: As a pet?) (A: No, as a fool.)
Record Label:Underdogma

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